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The majority of our customers in West Michigan will benefit from the installation of gutter covers or guards over their seamless gutters to ensure leaves, sticks, twigs and other debris from nature are blocked from entering the gutter system. Gutter covers keep leaves and other debri out, preventing clogs in your gutters and downpspouts for optimal performance of your seamless gutter system. We will note on your estimate whether our experts have determined you need gutter covers on your home in order to keep your rain gutter system working well and able to do its job. Many factors influence the need for gutter covers including the number and type of trees near your home, and the pitch of your roof. Even if you may not have large trees in your own yard; winds cause leaves and debri from nearby trees in your neighbors' yards to travel.

Grand Rapids gutter repair Quality gutter covers professionally installed by the ALLSTAR team also make your seamless gutters much more maintenance free; keeping leaves out and eliminating the need for you to climb a ladder to clean them each season. Our gutter cover products are made in the USA and are also resistant to birds and pests. With a low-profile installation on top of your existing seamless gutters, they are nearly invisible from the ground, and unlike other gutter cover products, the patented filtration system allows rain from your roof to flow freely into your gutters; while circulation of air above and below the gutter cover panel causes leaves and debri to dry up and be carried away by the wind.

Also, our gutter covers are installed to fit snugly over the top of your gutters — there is no need to lift or disturb your shingles in any way, so unlike other gutter covers, they have no effect on any roof warranties you may have!

See Our Gutter Covers in Action

  • Maximize gutter life & performance
  • No Need for annual cleanings
  • Stop Leaf & debri clogs
  • Made in the USA! American made gutter protection
  • Prevents formation of ice dams
  • Doesn't void roof warranties
  • Resistant to birds nests and pests
  • Permanent & highly effective!
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Grand Rapids Gutter Repair

If you think your gutters aren't functioning properly and may need repair or maintenance, contact us for quality gutter repair and soffit & fascia repair services in West Michigan. Whether ALLSTAR installed your seamless gutter system or not, our experienced team will be happy to inspect the gutters on your home and explain how we can help.

There are a number of reasons your seamless gutter system may be performing poorly; it may have been incorrectly installed, the gutters could be sloped improperly, you may need additional downspouts, or the gutters or downspouts could be clogging with leaves and debri from nearby trees if you do not have quality gutter covers installed.

Request a free estimate online now or call us at (616) 541-4184 and our gutter experts will help you determine what we can do to get your gutters repaired and working properly again to protect your home from excess rain.

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